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with Michael Porten . Britt Spencer

curated by Jason Hoelscher . Jessamy McManus

HUBweek . Arts and Technology Festival

Boston, MA


(1) A grain of pollen might be considered a roving node in a biological network, moving through and across boundaries. Like many things in network systems, it’s not necessarily the pollen grain in and of itself that matters, but rather its movement: A carrying over from one milieu into another, pollination crosses species, territories, categories and concepts, leaving transformative traces at each step of the way. A curiously diffuse and dispersed network structure, with pollination the transitive motion through the network is what makes the network.
(2) POLLINATE pools artistic creativity and science/tech/biology with coevolutionary aesthetics
to explore issues of concept cascades, fragility, and robustness in terms of complex food webs and network ecologies.

Excerpt from POLLINATE . Jason Hoelscher

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